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Waltery Wind Power Co. is one of the leading manufactories of small wind turbine generators in China. We produce safe and secure wind turbine generator for the world market.
Through our company can we supply wind turbine generator for all applications. Our wind turbine generators can either be connected to the power grid (on grid) or generate electricity off grid. We can fulfill all your requirements with a product range from 300W to 100 kW.
We handle every assignment, large or small, with the same level of commitment so that our customers can value us as a long-term and competent partner for their investment.
We encourage the use of our wind power plants---wind energy in an economic way through sensible system design and advanced product development.
How will a Wind Turbine Benefit Me? Wind turbines generate electricity, free, clean electricity which you can use to power specific equipment, your home or business. This electricity is yours to use as you wish. In many countries the local electricity provider will buy some or all of the electricity you produce. In remote areas where there is no local grid or it is not viable to access grid power a wind turbine is used to charge a bank of batteries. The electricity produced by a wind turbine is stored in batteries for later use. An inverter is used to prepare this stored electricity household use in 220VAC or 440VAC.
Our Quality - Your Security
All our products are manufactured according to the highest standards to ensure highest quality. Therefore we are proud of our international certificates.
All our products are CE certified for the European market.
The production of our wind turbines is fully certified by ISO 9001.

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Small Wind Power, where and how?

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Waltery wind turbines are being installed all over the world, please click on the link above to see some of our most recent installations.

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Our utility-connected and battery charging wind turbines from 300W to 100KW. Learn more about each of our products below, and contact us for pricing and installation information.
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